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  • I am trying to see if there is a plugin that allows me to duplicate a post to another wordpress blog based on the tags or categories. Basically, if I make a post on WORDPRESS_SITE_1 and tag it “hotness”, then it would post to WORRDPRESS_SITE_2. But if the post is tagged something that isn’t triggered, then it will only post to WORDPRESS_SITE_1. Is this a feature or a plugin? I’ve seen MU WordPress, but in my case, these are two independent wordpress installs on different servers. Thanks for the help.


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  • Is this a feature or a plugin?

    This is not a feature of WordPress (or indeed any CMS I am familiar with). Most people want original content.

    That said, I’ve not seen a plugin that can do this, either. Since each install is independent, with a separate database, it would require the plugin on one install to have login privileges on another install. The spamming/hacking potential here is considerable.

    Yeah, I figured that, I was looking at IFTTT, that might be an option.

    Here is an idea that I have not tested. You can use a plugin that syndicates contect via RSS and publishes it automatically to your WordPress site and set it up to pull from the main site. Also in the settings of the main site, tell it to publish the whole post in the RSS.

    This should work regardless of using a multisite or not actually.

    The RSS plugin sounds a great idea. However, I read that RSS feeds often do not display in Chrome ?

    Even if they do not display in chrome, it has nothing to do with this. The plugin will create normal WordPress posts from the RSS. No one will view RSS feeds in the browser.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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