posting to multipe sites under WP 3.0 multisite features (3 posts)

  1. andersbrown
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Just curious if WP 3.0 and the new multisite integration into core WP provides the ability to post a single post to multiple sites natively, or if I need to use a plugin (I have seen the older threads re: WP MU, etc.)

    I want someone to author once and then pick the sites that the post would show up in. By default it would be the toplevel, but they could choose site1.foo.com, site4.foo.com, and site5.foo.com... and then site3.foo.com and site2.food.com would not show it. Of course categories can do this for a single site, but I need the domains to be different (each domain is a different city covering some news).

    If a plug in is required than any recommedations would be great...

  2. You need to use a plugin.

    Multisite is still intended to be multiple separate sites.

  3. andersbrown
    Posted 3 years ago #

    OK...got it. Thx.

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