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  • Well, the link broke to your site, which means I’m not sure if it’s the site linked in your name or something else.

    Anyway, All the information you need to change information in “columns” which are known as sidebars can be found in the WordPress Codex at Customizing Your Sidebar, along with a ton of other great and helpful information.

    Thank you. I apologize for the broken link; in the course of learning so much new about CSS, I forgot what I knew of HTML. The site is Give Me Some Latitude.

    I checked out “Customizing Your Site” and I will go back there, I’m sure, but it doesn’t cover what I want to know, I don’t think. I can and did easily acces the css file for the theme “Spirit,” and appreciated BBIverson’s commentary. With that, I was able to modify the site’s appearance. With the WordPress Administrative Panel, I’m able to post and to modify my posts.

    At present, my site displays my posts in the center column, and BBIverson’s content (including a button for a browser I personally hate) in the columns, er, sidebars. The left sidebar does display mycategories, however.

    After I first posted, I was able to figure out how to download the html (?) page that would have had to be what was driving the content for the site, apart from the css file. I did it by opening the site in CoffeeCup HTML Editor 2005, with which I’m familiar. With it I can switch back and forth between visual (WYSIWYG) and code forms. The visual part is terrible, because the css file didn’t download along with the HTML. The code form has some of the content in BBIverson’s theme, that is still showing on my site.

    In switching back and forth between code and visual, I realized that the code calls for the online css file by an explicit reference, so even downloading the css file doesn’t help in the WYSIWYG portion.

    I’ve now modified some of BBIverson’s content, and would like to check it out on my blogsite. The problem is, what and to where do I upload the modified file? Er, after I download the existing online file, as a precaution.

    What is the basic html file called, for a WordPress web site?


    Ah…. index.php? In the root of your wp install is the “caller” index.php file. The “look” of your site is controlled by the index.php file in the theme folder for the theme you are using.

    Thanks. I had guessed that, but when I tried to download “index.php” to my (not so) handy dandy HTML Editor, absolutely nothing showed up, even on the “php tags” tab.

    Upon further investigation, the “index.php” file seems to say the following: <?php
    /* Short and sweet */
    define('WP_USE_THEMES', true);


    So what do I do with the content I modified in a named html file?


    Correction to my just-previous post: the “” tag at the end is not part of the “index.php” file, it’s part of my trying to figure out how to include code in a post.

    You really won’t be able to use html files with wp, other than as “includes”. wp works within php, which means that html files need to have the .php extension.

    The content which you modified in the named html file would need to be included within the various files in the theme folder, depending on where you have planned for the content to appear.

    Couple good (okay, MORE than good!) tutorials/sites on how to skin wp:

    And check the codex for info on themes.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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