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  • Does anyone know of some kind of software or a way that I can post my blog articles automatically every 15 to 30 minutes? If I do it manually, I will never get any work done. I have about 1000 articles ready to go and I am looking for a way to make my blogging life just a bit easier.

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  • If you have the articles ready to go, you can create posts and edit the timestamp to when you would like the posts to show up.

    You mean you have already written 1000 articles that are sitting in your draft file and you want to release them every 15 to 30 minutes. You haven’t had a life, have you? 😉

    Okay, what I think you are saying is that you want to know if WordPress can be used to release documents automatically on your schedule so you can walk away and have it work without thinking about it. I am also assuming that you are currently not using WordPress because this is one of the features.

    It won’t release every article every 15-30 minutes on a schedule, though there might be a plugin to do that. Out of the box, you just have to set the time and date you want the post released under the Write Post Advanced Editing feature timestamp and when that moment rolls off on the clock, it will release the post.

    The post must be PUBLISHED and not in draft mode. You can also probably figure out a way to change the database publish date reference to make changing the time and dates of all these faster.

    If you’ve written that many articles, then you should have some familiarity with HTML and such, so you can probably figure this out once you get your hands dirty.

    I’m sure there is something that would be “easier” and WordPress is not the tool for everyone. One of its powerful features is to help you blog faster, but not “that fast”. 😉 It’s not the tool for everyone and every use. Check the features of other programs before you decide. You might need CMS software.

    Wow that works really nice. My only problem is that I have the main post linking to a page. Looks like I will just have to exclude it in the side bar.

    Do you happen to know of a good CMS software?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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