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  • Hi guys

    I posted this question a few days ago but no one reply 🙁
    So I’ll try wording it differently, maybe someone can help?

    Basically I want to use pictures hosted from another site (like google drive, or flikr etc.) on my site. When someone clicks on those pics I want it to go to a separate page of my site! Like an attachment page. At the moment you cant seem to do that when using the “insert from URL” feature.

    I would like something like this: (this is not my site obviously)

    You passed the hot non-vampire test (57 Photos)

    When you click any of those photos it goes to a separate page. This is what I want.

    You can do this with wordpress but not as straight forward when using hosted images.

    I need this to be automatic as i’ll be upload a lot of pictures daily.

    I have search all over the net, youtube, other forums and no one seems to know??

    Many thanks in advance
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