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  • Is there a way to create posts on a wordpress blog or pages for that matter and only have them be accessible via a direct link as opposed to a link being placed on the toolbar?

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  • whooami



    define toolbar. do you mean via the browser toolbar, where you type in urls?

    if not, what toolbar are you talking about?


    Not toolbar, but the blog links and pages links that
    are visible on the right hand side of a basic wordpress

    I want to post a free report to the blog in seperate
    sections to send via email, but I don’t want people to
    easily find the next message in the series by just
    searching the links on the blog.

    I want them only to have access to those post via a
    direct link which I send to them via email.

    Does that make sense?

    Almost. Everything on the internet can be found – just a reminder!

    Remove the links to cateeories and/or archives and Pages from your sidebar (sidebar is the term used around here).

    How does one do that?

    And I know that, but the average newsletter subscriber does
    not. So If I name this pages with a code at the end of the post it will be tough for them to access them.

    Thanks for all the help so quick.

    So If I name this pages with a code at the end of the post

    First try to learn the WP terms if using the tool. Posts and Pages are two different things.
    2. You cannot “name” the Pages with code at the end. The Page titles and permalinks are generated by WordPress.
    (BTW, do you have WP instralled? You should know this after writing one post and one Page…)

    3. Open any temlate file of the theme in use in a plain text editor and edit/remove whatever code you want. In this case most likely you have to edit the sidebar.php file.


    Didn’t mean to offend.

    And yes I’ve been using WP for quite some time now, probably a year. the blog is I just haven’t been creative with it’s use.

    I know that posts and pages are different and are named
    differently. I just wanted to know what to edit out before I make a mess of things code wise.

    So I’ve been looking at the sidebar.php code and I don’t want to mess it up to a point where I cannot fix it.

    If I was to remove the pages catgories for instance, what would I edit out of the sidebar.php code without messing it up?

    Again thanks

    Would it be this line of code?

    <?php wp_list_pages(‘title_li=<h2>Pages</h2>’ ); ?>

    That’s the line that is probably displaying Pages in your sidebar.

    If you’re worried about messing things up to the point that you can’t get your design back to what it was originally – back up your file BEFORE you attempt to do anything. If things go wrong, you can always upload your saved copy of your sidebar.php and start again.

    You don’t have to delete anything from your sidebar. Just <!--stuff here --> comment out what you don’t want to show. The comment will “hide” the code; in other words it will force it NOT to display.

    What theme are you using? That’s always helpful to know so others can help you.

    Edit: I type tooo slow 🙂




    pages = pages = pages (makes sense to me!!) I’ll go rake now.

    Actually, make sure you first make redundant backups of your theme files – before you do anything. Then if you do something you don’t want, you can just upload a backup. I make a backup named incrementally for every change I make – it’s only drive space…. of course, I’m developing on a local server – so I can see changes without uploading to webspace.

    So make a backup of the unedited file, named sidebarorig.php. Then start by deleting the line with Pages between the <h2> tags. Make a backup of that, named sidebar1.php – etc.

    Thanks for all the help. I will definitely make back up copies before I attempt anything.

    Also I just using the basic theme at this point the:

    WordPress Default 1.5


    Well, if you are a beginner at tweaking themes – I’d advise to try with any other theme but the default. It is not for beginners…

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