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  • Hi Everyone- i want to be able to post by blogs on my facebook fan page-
    i was doing it before with my blog that i had before i switched to wordpress, but i ever since i switched to wordpress i cant get it to function now- i was using networked blogs to pull the feed before and it would post right onto my fan page- now since i switched over to wordpress it in not working any longer- when i do a test pull it works, however when i do a manuel pull it doesnt pull anything- does anyone know if i need to check a setting on wordpress, or if not can anyone recomennd another service to have my posts pulled onto my facebook fan page-

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  • Hi everyone,
    i finally found the issue-
    i had the correcr url, but i still had the old feed setting that was still linked to my old blog- once i put in the correct rss feed, its working fine again!

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