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  • Looks like this worked for some reason and the other ones didn’t, ill avoid multiple posts by adding my query below, any help would be great.


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  • Ive recently installed Word Press to

    and all seems to be set up and working fine using the default theme. When I go to the presentation screen in the admin site though all I see is…

    as you can see it doesn’t show any themes, not even default. I have tried adding some new ones but they don’t show up. I’ve checked a fair few posts already on the forum and tried their solutions but still no joy. Checked chmod, file structure, all folders have screenshot.png and style.css, both URI’s are pointing to and i’ve just tried completely removing and installing from scratch but still no joy.

    I really am stumped, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    do you mean create a post in your blog or a post on here?

    sorry I meant a post on here, trying to solve the problem above but don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast.

    Hi tburrows, I am at a point similar to you, but I just finished downloading a bunch of themes.

    My understaning, but I could be wrong, is that all I have to do now is upload the themes into the themes folder (wp) on the server. Then that panel (in your screenshot) should list the themes there, and then you can select them, I could be wrong and will be finding out soon.

    Well, I uploaded the theme to wp content themes and it works fine

    So is that how you uploaded your new theme or did you try the get theme from your blog page?

    Looks like a permissions issue to me. This page is quite helpful on the matter:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for taking the time out to reply. Unfortunately i have checked the permissions, i’ve been through and set everything to 777 in an attempt to get things working, on the basis that i can lower the settings again later when its working.

    Hi Possom,

    Thanks for reading my problem. The first time i tried to install i also downloaded about 6 other themes from official theme lists in an attempt the script would recognise these. I unzipped them on my desktop and uploaded them to my server with the right structure and everything wp-content/themes/(theme name)/files and image folder etc. I made sure the themes i tried this with were the most popular ones so they are not likely to have duff css headers or anything and contain all the files. Still not a thing showing up in my Presentations panel.

    I really dont want to have to use a different blog software because i like the way Word Press tries to keep everything nice and simple. I just cant think of what else I might be forgetting to do or might be missing.

    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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