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    Woah What a big bug I found this morning!

    When I post a post, it takes forever to load, so usually I simply hit “back” and the post is still posted. But today I decided to wait.

    So I waited for 5 minutes and then my site crashed when I tried to post a comment on another tab. Trying to go on the site would bring an install wordpress page and I received this message:

    WordPress database error: [User ‘xxxxxxxx_wp’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 75000)]

    So I contacted my web server support and they told me the maximum queries by a user is 50,000/hour, so simply posting a text made me go well over that!

    It seems I catched some endless loop… Anyone know how I can arrange this or what plugin can cause this or what can be the trouble that caused this? Kind of annoying!!

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  • Hard to guess what plugin caused that–start deactivatin plugins, one-by-one, until the problem goes away.

    I will try this… I hope this is not a plugin that I use a lot… Cause it simply caused an endless loop when posting… over 75 000 queries in one shot!

    Anyone had the same kind of problem?

    Here are the plugins I use:

    Comment URL Compacter 0.1
    Configurable Tag Cloud 4.5
    Get Recent Comments 1.5.4
    Google XML Sitemaps 3.0
    Maintenance Mode 3.2
    Popularity Contest 1.3b3
    Random Quotes 1.3
    Related Posts 0.1
    SRG Clean Archives 4.3
    Subscribe To Comments 2.1
    WP-DBManager 2.31
    WP-Footnotes 1.4

    I wonder if this can be a Popularity Contest plugin problem. When I go to MySQL in table wp_ak_popularity_options I get an error message saying that no key was defined.

    Or maybe this is a wordpress problem: when I go to wp_comments table, I get the message that more than one type of index exists for “comment_approved”.

    I kind of suck with SQL. Maybe that’s where the problem is. If anyone know better, that would be appreciated!

    Thanks a lot!

    I uninstalled SRG Clean Archives and that did the trick. Seems to me it was the cause of the problem.

    I replaced this with a simple archives page. However, anyone knows how to show not only the months and the number of posts by month in the archives, but also each text in each month?


    The “max_questions” limit is not a “one-shot” deal. It’s on a per-hour basis. So if you had a lot of hits, say, 2000 in an hour… 25 queries per page load, voila, 50k queries in that hour.

    Best to use the WP-Super-Cache plugin for high traffic sites. Eliminate most of those unnecessary queries.

    Yes Otto I know, but my site is not a high-trafic site… For some reason the plugin created some kind of a loop when posting and it was taking forever when posting…

    BTW, do you know how to do the trick for the archives since I deleted the faulty plugin?


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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