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  • I would like to upload sermon audio to the website but WP keeps saying the file is too large. Is there anyway to get around this?

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  • FTP. That’s the short answer

    Here’s the explanation. Your limits are set by your hosting company. Often between 2 and 8 MB uploads. You can raise these limits often times. You’ll need to check with your host to see if they allow it. For instance on godaddy, I can use a php.ini file to raise my limits. Mine are sky high….

    That being said, for larger files it’ll do you no good. Browsers aren’t set up for that kind of thing. Depending on you internet connection speed and stability Your upload size will change.

    At work, I can upload files over 100MB through my browser. At home, Anything over about 30MB times out and doesn’t work. It’s just the limitations of browser based uploads.

    So I have many many music files. They are DJ sets. So they are all 1-2 hours long. I use filezilla to ftp to my host. Its free and easy to use. I then have an audio folder set up that all my music goes in. I ftp things to my server, and use a podcasting plugin (powerpress) to link to the audio files and display a player and a download link for my files,

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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