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  • I’m using this theme for my blog. I am setting it up this week.

    I want two columns to post in. Is this possible?

    This is what I’ve imagined:
    I write normal articles for the main first column,
    But then, I write something special, that I want in the second column, so it can stay there longer.

    I want to be able to “Publish this post in column two”. Is this possible? Is there some widget or something that allows this?

    The second column will of course be somewhat smaller, but not menu-type small.

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  • Yes is possible, but why do you get complicated?

    You can search for a plugin to feature posts over there, so you will have them as long as you want.

    Yes please, what’s the name of the plugin?

    I searched for “Post widget” and finally found some widgets that seems to be what I want.

    Now I have hard time chosing, and knowing if these are right for me, or not.
    Category posts widget:

    Featured post list:

    Random feature post widget:

    It seems the Category Posts Widget do what I want, by it’s description. Will this allow me to for instance make a category called “Pictures” and then have all picture-posts appearing in the sidebar?

    I chose Category Posts Widget and it works perfectly.
    It just has one problem: Can I post in that widget, and don’t get the post on my main column?

    Short answer: No, you can’t

    Long answer: of course is possible, but why do you want to get complicated again, when the main function of wordpress is to display posts over there? Anyway I am sure it might be a plugin for that, so you don’t have to hack the code.

    Well, since you’re sure, can you please link to one?
    I’ve researched for all possible connections I can think of.

    Consider using custom fields to display specific posts.

    try this

    I would search for functionality how to hide a post in a specific area.

    I know that can take some time to research, but the answer is there.

    If I understand your question, you can use this plugin to post in a separate area and not have those posts appear in the main content area:

    Yes, but that allows you just 1-2 sentences in lenght, from what I see in Plugin description.

    That’s just what I need asfodel. Does it support pictures?
    I’m downloading now and trying it out tomorrow.

    All I need is dates and location in these sidebar-posts, and a thumbnail of the picture.

    Alright I’ve just tried out Sideblog, and it doesnt work.
    It can’t find the categories for some reason, so I’m unable to select a desired category.

    You know what, I actually found a better one, called SidePOSTS.

    It works nearly PERFECTLY, and more so than Sideblog. But I can’t get the pictures to work? Whats up with that?

    Have a look->

    I haven’t used SidePOSTS, but I use Sideblog, and it does support pictures. And posts can be of any length. You can choose if you want to display the content or just the title, date, etc.

    I use an older version of Sideblog, so it may not be exactly the same, but in the Sideblog Options, it lists all your categories, and you just have to check the ones that you want to appear in the Sideblog. (You have to have already created the categories before that.)

    Yeah, sideposts works mostly the same, except that it’s more like a second column for the blog, which I always wanted.

    I’m struggling a bit with the pictures right now. I want it to be thumbnails in the sidebar, but when you open the main post, you get the fullsize pics. Or you can click the pics to get full size.

    You know what, never mind that. I just got it working EXACTLY the way I want it to right now. You can see it by visiting

    By clicking the post title in the sidebar, it takes you to the main post with a fullsized picture.

    Now I would like your opinion on this. But as I’ve limited the sidebar widget to display only five posts, I would like users to be able to click themselves backwards in the archive. Type “Show older posts” – IN the sidebar!

    You could just put in a link to posts in that category:

    It will display both the new and older posts though.

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