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  • You know when you drag an image, after you’ve uploaded it, into the post editor (in WYSIWYG mode)? It posts a thumbnail version of the image, even if I select “using original” in the menu for the image, in the upload box.

    Is there anyway to make the editor use the original image’s size when I drag an image into the editor?

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  • When you tell it “Use the Original” actually the original file size is used (KB), just the pixel/mm size is reduced. Click on the image in the text input area and drag the corners…

    Only thing with the corners is that it’s kind of hard to get it to the original size, at least so I find. I could go into the straight HTML window and remove the width/height for the pic, but it’d be easier if there were like a button or something to get it to the original size.

    I’m doing a site for a friend who’s not exactly knowledgable in this whole area, which is why I’m asking. I otherwise wouldn’t have a problem 🙂

    It was said (not by me!) that this new “feature” has been implemented exactly for that kind of “not exactly knowledgable” users, who might upload a 2000x1000px picture that would screw up their admin panel… 🙂

    LOL… Oh well maybe then that’s a good idea. 😀

    The only thing about this guy is that he’s a (relatively) professional photographer who likes to keep his stuff the original size to make it look crystal clear. But hopefully he’ll get the hang of it if it’s otherwise there’s not a way to just jump to the original size.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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