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    When opening my sites from my PDA they are readable. So is the admin panel. But the size of the post editing areas are so small that it’s not possible to make new posts.

    I would love to be abel to make new posts from my windows mobile PDA. But due to the code in the admin panel this is not possible. (in my case posting by mail is not an option)

    Are there any plans to change this in the future as more people get PDA’s or mobilefones running windows mobile?


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  • I’m just guessing here but maybe you can get an XMLRPC application for your PDA?

    Hi Class

    I would perfer (for no good reason) not to install any such applications. But I fear that I may have to.


    It all depends upon your browser. IE, FTXPBrowser, Opera Mini and Minimo all handle the screen sizes differently. I’m wouldn’t know which one you use, but I’ve posted from the PDA on occasion before through IE and I don’t find it impossible. 23 characters might be annoying, but it works. If you must have a wider box, turn off “Fit To Screen” and work with the full width field.

    Or, worst case, do your work in Notepad or Word and paste it into the post content field. Both should allow you to use the full width of the screen.

    you could also define a css for media=”handheld”. Of course, IE doesn’t respect that very well and mixes and matches between your screen and handheld css, but it’s a start…

    Quote – “Or, worst case, do your work in Notepad or Word and paste it into the post content field.”

    Never, ever use Word or any rich text editor to post.
    Notepad and equivalents are great.

    That’s good general advice for the PC, but not applicable on the PDA.

    Not only is Pocket Word somewhat thinner than MS Word and not as prone to toss in all the typical MS garbage, but there’s no WYSIWYG editor in Pocket IE. So, unless the newest releases have changed anything, you can copy back and forth to IE, on a PDA, with impunity.

    Point taken.

    My text windows are not even one character wide (Windows Mobile 5).

    Is there an XMLRPC editor that will allow picture uploads.

    The thing is My wife is 8 months pregnant and we want to be able to post pictures of the little wonder as soon as possible. As we will probably be staying at the hospital for a week the PDA will be my only option for posting pictures and other info.


    why not just email your post? wordpress can check for email to a secret email account dedicated to this purpose, and will post the content like you typed it in an entry window. and it handles photos. I personally think this would be the easiest method of posting from a pda.



    Blogging by E-mail is an option!

    What do I do about pictures?



    attach a picture to the email. it will show up in the post.


    (@bubazoo) is an option, “IF” wordpress follows the “Blogger data API” specifications?

    I don’t know if they do or not, but I know the blogger data API is open source 🙂



    XML-RPC_Support Blogger API is mentioned.




    I’ll be testing pocketblog this weekend.




    Hmm, I cant get Pocket blog working on my PDA (Windows mobile5). eMbedded VisualBasic Runtime is missing. And I can’t install it.

    I’ll test my e-mail options later today.


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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