Posting from ecto creates extra entries for each JPG image in wp_posts table (1 post)

  1. Guntis
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I opened ecto, started new topic, added 32 JPG images, I also opened Console, posted my topic to WP 2.2, but it didn't see anything suspicious in Console... Everything went smoothly, except now I have 32 extra entries in wp_posts table for each of 32 images I posted in my blog... They don't show up in my blog as separate entries, when I enter their ID number as topic ID in URL it says that nothing's found, but it's still annoying to have extra unneeded entries between regular posts. Previous entry ID was 308, the next will be ID 342. Annoying. After every new post I have to open phpMyAdmin and manually delete these extra entries and change auto increment back to 309 (or whatever should be the next ID).
    Any idea what's wrong with WP 2.2? Why does it make new entries in wp_posts table for each image which is in my post?

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