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    I have a problem with the query string of the redirect URL and I was hoping someone might have an idea of how to fix it.

    I have a contact form made of two forms (see Form 1 posts data of three extra (multiple checkbox) fields to form 2 via the query string. The fields are: ex_field1, ex_field2, ex_field3 renamed type_msg, cours_erpent and cours_lln respectively.

    I use the checkbox selection to decide to whom to send the message of form 2 (with a PHP code). In other words, I work out the value of the email_to field of the second form:
    [si-contact-form form=2 email_to='(result of PHP code)']

    Today, the cours_erpent started to be prefixed with #038; (not &) in the query string. This or the fact that one of the ampersands should actually be encoded causes the fields 2 and 3 not to be passed correctly to form 2.

    It was fine until last night. I updated some plugins this morning, it no longer works. I’ve tried deactivated the concerned plugins, no change, same issue. I’m not that familiar with this type of issue and I would be very grateful for any hint of solution you may have.


    PS: the only way the data are correctly passed is when I manually replace all occurrences of #038; and & in the URL by &.

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  • I am looking for the solution

    This should be fixed in the current download of
    Look here for how to update to the latest code before the next version is out

    Tip: How to update to the latest code revision of the WordPress version

    Fantastic, it works again!
    Thank you so much,


    I was reading this post and wondering if your plugin can solve my problem.

    Like dcclxi, I have a form whose contents I wish to use to populate another form. The difference is I would like to take the information and populate a variable number of forms with the same data.

    Will your plugin support this functionality? If so, how?

    Thank You!

    Eric P.

    nubianronin, please start your own post. The technical issue this topic is about is resolved.

    When you post in off topic thread, it makes keeping track of your issue difficult and it causes off topic email notifications to go out to the original topic starter.

    A couple of other requirements:

    a) I actually need to populate the secondary form on multiple URLs simultaneously.

    b) I also do not want the person who completed the form to see that I am submitting the captured data to any other forms.

    Thank You.

    Eric P.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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