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  1. jmmT
    Posted 11 years ago #

    . The original method to blog by email fails to accept and encode properly special characters (like éèàù & Cie, which are commonly used by most european people, among others)
    ref : http://wiki.wordpress.org/How%20To%20Blog%20By%20Email
    . I've installed the "wp-mail mod update" plugin, and it works fine with the subject field, but not with the body of the mail/post
    ref : http://blade.lansmash.com/index.php?p=93 (the plugin)
    + http://topsecure.lautre.net/jmm/wordpress/ (if you want to see the encoded difference between the subject and the object of a post by e-mail)
    . seems like it could be resolve by "hacking" the wp-mail.php and/or mimedecode.php (as the solution seems to rely on those 2 files), but I failed to find any relevant answer in order to improve the code ;-(
    If anyone can solve this problem, it could help non-english blogs to be updated by email properly, & we could add this to the wiki. Thanks

  2. Moe
    Posted 11 years ago #

    is there a known solution for problems with int. chars in the subject line when using the original wp-mail.php from v1.2.2?

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