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  • I setup a POP email account with a unique username and password, copy and pasted the info into the appropriate places on WordPress and sent emails to the address… but I get no posts onto my blog.
    Am I missing something?

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  • Do you have a cron job set up on your server to check the account?

    Your web address in your preferences is incorrect. You had not run wp-mail.php which is to that which clay is referring. I ran it (heh, heh sorry) and your test e-mails should be posted now. They may not show up right away ‘cuz sometimes the e-mail server time is different than “blogtime”. Again, sorry about my futzing on your site, you’ll have to send another e-mail to test it yourself.

    how did you “futz” with my site? I am not bothered by it, just curious. so it works now??? haha

    well i tried emailing and it did not work… grrr

    what is a cron job?

    so since I am a’scared of crons… let’s play with this invisible fun ness! and yes, i un-borked it and now it works, except it does not automatically check my email (this sooo should be done automatically haha)

    That means it runs every time someone hits the page – a waste.

    I have never quite understood the point of posting by email- If I have access to email I can just post through the admin?
    Seems pretty pointless and like a lot of wasted effort to me

    Seems easier to send an email than logging in and writing in a web page. Especially if you’re someplace (cellphone) without a suitable browser.
    Geeky? Hell yes. Still a cool feature though. Horses for courses.

    Obviously it has it’s utility to someone or else it wouldn’t be there
    But it seems to throw a lot of newcomers for a loop when they don’t even really need it

    well i am not exactly a newcomer except to cron jobs and wordpress 🙂 i made my first website when I was in fifth grade, nearly a decade ago! wow, i feel old now.
    sucks though because for a year and a half i did nothing on the net really, i moved into physics and audio… now i am working back.

    justex: Yeah I meant newcomers to WordPress-
    I started using it right after 1.1 came out and there were a lot of posts on here about ‘posting by email’ and I did the same exact thing you did. Followed the instructions- sent the email- and then wondered why nothing had happened

    Clay I’ll give you a reason why I would need blog by email. When I’m at work, I don’t want my website or my admin url to be showing up on the IT stats. I’m at a new place now where “surfing” is frown upon. My last place I used to blog all day. Since I can’t get this feature to work my site has been bone dry. By evening my life goes in another direction not blog related.

    I also plan on using my new Apple Newton to email posts remotely 🙂

    So what is the cron job command to have it check?
    My webserver has a page for this, so I’m having it check, but it’s asking me the command….??

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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