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  1. theDCfan
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with this as I am new with WordPress and am not 100% sure at how to fix this.

    When I post a link to Facebook, I like it to show the image as well as a brief preview of what I'm talking about, I have that down perfectly, no problems there.

    However, if you search the site on Google, it shows the most recent article in the description, rather than what I want it to show (that being an actual description).

    If I add the meta description tag to the header, when I post on Facebook, rather than having the image and brief preview like I do now, it instead shows the image and then the meta description as the preview.

    Is there a way I can have it set to show the brief preview as well as the image on Facebook, but on Google show the meta description rather than my latest post?


  2. Pioneer Web Design
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Use a static homepage?

    If you are using an SEO plugin or it is included with your theme review the settings for whether the site meta is used or the post meta.

    See Google Webmaster Tools also

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