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  • Hi, I have just upgraded to version 2.9 and have come across a posting issue. Everytime I try to publish a post or schedual a post for some reason it will not publish, all i get is this message “Missed schedule”. It has never done this before.

    Can someone please advise

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  • Has anybody got any ideas why I cann scheduel posts with the latest version of wordpess 2.9. All get is “Missed schedule” when the system trys to publish.

    Can anyone help please!!!

    Hi I still cannot for somereason publish articles with the latest version of wordpress. All was ok until I upgraded to version 2.9

    I have also disabled all plugins and nothing has worked

    can someone help here please

    I also have the same problem and any help would be welcomed! Now I wish I had never upgraded!

    Same here. Luckily I had a backup.

    So sick of things going wrong everytime i upgrade. I will not upgrade anymore until I know things are sorted out properly with wordpress.

    Why cant the latest version be tested properly before release. I lost a whole days work because of this and had to re add 5 days worth of content as well.

    Totally Crap

    Has anyone got an answer to the above?

    Same here. This is REALLY bad news for me as I have blogged ahead covering every one of my blogs until January the 5th. Now I am having to log in to each blog and re-post all of these ‘missed schedule’ posts every day.. I also wish I had not upgraded. The ability to schedule posts in the future is one of the main reasons I use WordPress. Any news on this please?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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