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    Hey all, I’ve just installed a new blog and am using the free Revolution TV theme, i want to embed Vimeo or youtube videos – but how do i do that?

    If i try post something it only posts the summary, if i choose t add media, it seems to just ad the media as a link to the video in the summary text?

    I understand this theme to be specifically for Video, so thought there would be some option to embed the video in the correct place when making a post – so are there any extra plugins i need or am i just doing something dumb?

    Thanks all

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  • Hi biscutty, I’m also using this theme on my website. It’s very easy; just paste the code, however be sure you don’t use the Rich Text Editor (TinyMCE?) so better disable it: —> Users —> (your username) —> and tick ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’

    Hope this helps

    Thanks Geetar,

    Im still not having any luck though… I am new to this, so not sure if I am embedding the video correctly?

    It seems to just show up as a link or as the code that I posted…

    Should I be using the add media buttons, or just adding the code within the code window, for example :


    The Video I want to embed is:

    Ive added a screenshot of what my window looks like:

    Something I noticed about your theme is that the video is posting in the body area, and not in the video box shown on the revolution theme, see the screenshot below:

    I can’t find the link to the revolution theme, can someone please provide it.


    biscutty, in order to embed that video, just create a new post Title: “HIp Hop B Girl”, choose a category and simply paste the code provided by YouTube:

    <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

    Be sure TinyMCE is deactivated and you’re using the HTML mode.

    Also you can install the Video Embedder plugin: , WordPress Video Plugin or search for any other else.

    Install the plugin, and follow the instructions. For that video you should use this shortcode: [youtube]o29_7lQ3QB4&hl[/youtube]


    Note: I’m running WordPress 2.7 Beta 3 on my site

    Thanks Geetar!

    texasstatesman – The link is at the bottom of the page on the revolution website, its in small legal copy 😉

    Something I noticed about your theme is that the video is posting in the body area, and not in the video box shown on the revolution theme, see the screenshot below:

    Yep, I believe the right way is by using custom fields (key plus value) i’ve been trying with several keys and nothing happens.

    Hey biscutty, congratulations! can you please tell me how you did it?

    Hi Biscutty, I need your help. I noticed you got your site running and it looks great just like it should I love the custom work you dropped in. How did you get the video to play above the video tittle and post data? and how did you get your video thumbs images to load? I noticed the thumbs.jpg is not ordinary looks like it used some script. Here is what I have so far and its getting there but I could really use some guidance. here is me email and my site link



    this could well be a very stupid question but anyways im very new to this so any help would be very appreciated :)..

    how did you guys manage to get a video specifically on the home page, as in clicking home will bring up a video exclusive to that? understand how to edit categories and have video included in them but there doesnt seem to be anyway to post directly to the home page. ?? please help.

    thanks will

    Hey guys i saw that u guys had some trouble with embedding video’s to the revolutionTwo TV theme.

    I opend the source file and in order to let it work proppely
    you need to add a custom field. With this a key

    Key : embed
    Then post the whole youtube or vimeo code ( not in the post but in the field next to the custom field. )

    Hope this helps.

    My website is fully running now =D

    Thanks Legan! it works like a charm, by the way Geetar, how to add the Rating function?

    WP-PostRatings upload and acivate the plugin.

    To add Thumbnails in the post below the main post use the custom field as well like this

    Key : thumbnail

    Using the image upload function will create a link where it uploaded the image to your site I used the size 102 px by 56 px

    Does anybody know if there is a key for extra info about the movie?
    I switched from the sharpfolio theme to revolutiontv, and in sharpfolio I have the info of the movies in an “description” extra value box.

    It’s great to know that there are the keys “embed” and “thumbnail”.
    Tnx for those. Are there more?


    how does the banner ad widget work? I see it in the drop down, but don’t see where to mod it.

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