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    I am new to wp. I have just made my first post but it is not showing up on my blog. I see that it exists in my list of posts. My front page is done and is static. I understood that post pages would automatically follow?

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    where you set the static front page, you also set a posts page;

    you need to create a static page first to be able to assign it as posts page.

    Thank you, I got it up and running!

    I am wanting to insert a link to my website right into the content on my Home page. I added my website as a link but don’t actually see it anywhere on my site. Anyway, I want readers of my Homepage to be able to click on my website name, also on my book name and be directed to the right sites offered under non-Wp hosts.

    Also, does anyone know if the large Reply section at the end of my Home page is meant to be there? I am using the 20-11 template. I don;t necessarily need a reply to my homepage which is static.

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