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    It would be handy to be able to automatically include seo features in the postings.

    Two ways this may be done;

    a) auto extract text from title and content, and place in SEO related fields

    b) allow the email message to contain specific SEO fields information, similar to the title, and “:start” “:end” email message mark up fields.

    Possibly arrange some king of integration or cooperation the Yoast and others.

    At present this can only be done automatically after the email message has been received, by manually editing from WP.
    This may often mean that somebody other than the original author has to see to it, and this can lead to further delays in the message’s full effectiveness.

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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    There have been a handful of requests similar to yours over the years, but not enough to warrant the time and upkeep as each SEO plugin works differently.

    Thread Starter MKSnMKS


    I think you may be thinking that I was meaning that you handle the SEO coding.

    What I am thinking, is that all you need to do is have a standard method of marking up the seo fields (title, description, keywords, author, copyright, etc), so these can be used by what ever SEO plugins want to be compatible with your Postie plugin.

    Postie would present the information in ‘it’s’ standard way, and each/any SEO plugin can handle that markup information however it wishes.

    This saves all sorts of time and effort for you in order to achieve extra functionality. But even doing this takes time, its understandable that you would not be interested in doing it.


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