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    I’m using Postie 1.4.4 and it works fine until the point where the post is supposed to be published.
    The email check and download works fine incl. the assignment to categories. Here’s what I get when runing Postie manually:

    ~~~~~~~ Postie output START ———————————-
    Checking for mail manually

    This is the postie plugin
    Revision: 584134
    Last Changed Date: 2011-12-12 23:28:29 -0500 (Mon, 12 Dec 2011)

    Connecting to (imap)
    memory at start of e-mail processing:35530556
    Confirming Access For alexander@blah.blah
    Message Id is :<>

    primary= text, secondary = plain
    Working on 13
    Working on 3

    Post Author: 1
    Date: 2012-11-10 20:14:11
    Category: 13
    Category: 3
    Ping Status: open
    Comment Status: open
    Subject: Postie test number 5
    Postname: postie-test-number-5
    Post Id: 843
    Posted content:
    This is Postie test run number 5. Body line 01 Body line 02 Eat more peanut butter. Body line 03

    memory at end of e-mail processing:35618360

    ~~~~~~~ Postie output End ———————————

    After this I can see the email converted to a post in the WP post overview:

    Title: ok, it’s the email’s subject line
    Author is admin (supposed to be the name of a confirmed WP author)
    Categories: ok
    Status: published

    Nevertheless I can’t see the post when I call the WP blog, then naviagte to the category which I chose via the email’s subjet line.

    This only works when I log in to WP as admin, edit the post and push the update button.

    I hope this is not too confusing.

    Kind regards,


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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    What is the publish date and time? I’ve seen a couple of incidents of the publish time being in the future.

    I just checked it. The publish date and time fits to the current date / time and is not in the future.
    The post overview tells: published one minute ago, when I edit the post I can see that the publishing date and time was right.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    I just released 1.4.5, see if that helps.

    My posts are being posted as Scheduled and not as Published even though my settings show to post immediately. Is this something that can be controlled by Postie?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    What is the time difference between the real time and when the post is scheduled? Does using the “Postie Time Correction” setting help?

    I entered -48 as the correction and it makes it so the Scheduled time is one hour ahead. If I male it -60 it makes the scheduled time a couple hours behind and doesn’t post and also doesn’t change it to a published status. There doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to get WordPress to change this post to a Published status when it is created. It does not appear to be an issue with Postie from the troubleshooting we’ve done.
    We have added the iframe for mail.php and that seems to be working fine as well as using the Postie.
    If I disable all of my plugins and send an email to WordPress a post gets created but it still gets created in a scheduled status.
    So with everything there doesn’t seem to be a setting or tweak I can make which will force these posts to be created in a Published status or scheduled with a back dated time that could force them to change to Published with a cron job.
    Is there a switch that could be added to an email that would force this maybe?

    Thanks for getting back. Our heads are exploding over this.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    I have run into this as well on another project. We never solved it and did something else instead.

    >We have added the iframe for mail.php
    I assume you did this for testing as it is not required for postie.

    Yes, we did it for testing to eliminate the possibility that Postie could be conflicting with something causing the Posts to be created in a Scheduled status.

    So at this point we’re stuck because even with the Postie working correctly we have no way to get our posts to be generated in a Published Status without waiting. After waiting we’ve seen that even with the CRON that these posts are not changing to Published status and we end up doing it all manually anyway. When we have to it manually it defeats the purpose of having any of these automated plugins in the first place. Even the Postie.

    If I have to log in to WordPress to manually change something to Published status then there is no need to use the Postie for the convenience of emailing a new post. We want to use Postie to avoid logging in to WordPress.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    There is a plugin whose name I don’t remember that can publish posts past their publication date.

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