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    Background: after solving the issue of duplicate post (turns out it’s a WordPress “feature”), and using the CLI or post editor on my site to delete the old post(s) and then use Postie to send the new one(s), everything seemed to be working perfectly…until last night.

    I ran into this last night while trying to post a “Daily Sales” post. Every other post I did using Postie worked beautifully – the category and post title in the Subject line were recognized and applied. But not for this post – Postie says there is no Subject line.

    Here is the header I put in the posts that worked (note that all of these are created by a script using two variables: $category and $title):

    Subject: [Patriotic] US Air Force

    And this is the header I used for the Daily Sales post that doesn’t work (gets put into the default category and the title is (no title):

    Subject: [Other] Daily Sales

    I also tried this one … same result:

    Subject: Other: Daily Sales

    The posts that work are either posts full of product listings with lots of javascript, css, and html, or banner pages for some merchants, with mostly just a few lines of html per banner.

    The post that didn’t work last night was just a few lines of html/css for each sale ad. As I mentioned above, Postie says there is no subject line at all. I checked the post that I was sending, and there was a subject line, just like the above. I tried putting the category and title in the body of the post – both before and after the :start (not sure which way that’s supposed to go, so I tried both). It was ignored if I put it immediately below the :start and status: Publish lines, and if I put it above the :start line, it resulted in a post in the default category (wrong category), a title of “tmptitle”, and was a Draft post only.

    I’m so confused by this I don’t even know what to try next. One thing I did try last night, just to make sure nothing had changed with email security between my Mac and the my hosting site, was to re-post one that had worked correctly – and it worked correctly again (as a duplicate of the original … again, a WP “feature”).

    Does anyone have any suggestions on why the first version would work with all of the others, and not the “Daily Sales” post? Again, with the exception of trying to figure out where to put the category/title inside the post, the messages for all posts are generated by a script.

    Jim Graham

    PS: please excuse any typos or spelling errors—it’s caused by damage to my brain from my first cancer, which included, in the second metastasis, 3 brain tumors, and if I don’t feel it while I type, I probably won’t see it, either.

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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    If possible have one of these failing emails sent to and leave a note here when you have done so.

    Please do not forward an email as that will greatly change the structure of the original email.

    I just sent the email – with both the failing example and a working one. I hope you can spot the problem, because I can’t…..

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Thanks, but I need the email sent to me exactly the same way you send it to your WordPress.

    Also the :start and :end aren’t required.

    I just found the problem … and it turns out that working on this way too late at night was the problem. It’s not a Postie issue at all. My script that sent that message didn’t send the right file. That’s yet another of those problems that can be caused by the three brain tumors from my first cancer. It’s one of those highly annoying bits of the aftermath of cancer #1 that I’ve just had to learn to live with.

    Apologies for the waste of everyone’s time. I couldn’t see it (literally – I saw what was supposed to be there, not what was) until just now, when the damage from the tumor that was in my occipital lobe finally let me see what was really there. Problem solved (confirmed).

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Thanks for letting us know.

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