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[Resolved] Postie: category filter

  • I have a plugin that bind user to category (bind user to category). I’d like to integrate it, with postie filter.

    So I made some test and I create a filter to insert received post into a category. This is my test function:
    function auto_category($post){
    $cat = {‘RugbyCS Test’};
    $post[‘post_category’] = $cat;
    return ($post);
    add_filter(‘postie_post’, ‘auto_category’);

    But after fetching email, that existing category is not set.
    I tried also with the category_id (instead of category string) but it doesn’t work.

    May you help me please?

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  • I tried also:

    • $cat = {‘RugbyCS Test’};
      $post[‘post_category’] = $cat;
    • $cat = ‘RugbyCS Test’;
      $post[‘post_category’] = $cat;
    • $cat = {304};
      $post[‘post_category’] = $cat;
    • $cat = 304;
      $post[‘post_category’] = $cat;

    With no good results.

    SORRY for these thread. I had filterPostie.php deactivated: I didn’t know it is a plugin standalone. Now it works. ‘post_category’ must be an int array with category_ids.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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