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  • Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    1.4.6 was released yesterday. Please try upgrading and there are some directions for enabling debug mode.

    You did what I intended for you to do, that is access the scripts through the browser.

    If you had replaced “domain” with your website domain name and you got the those results then I suspect you don’t either the proper address or perhaps access to run those php scripts.

    I’ll let you work with Wayne on this and stand aside.

    I installed 1.4.6 – no change.

    I’m not sure if I’m looking at the right directions for enabling debug mode. If you mean
    “define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true);
    define(‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true);
    define(‘POSTIE_DEBUG’, true);”
    then please tell me where in the wp-config.php file they should go (I’m not a programmer–I only know how to follow directions!).

    I read somewhere else that some hosting companies do not have the right settings enabled on the server to allow jobs like this to run. I could check with Hostgator, but I don’t know what to ask/tell them. If this is a possibility, could you please advise me what to say to them?

    Thanks for hanging with me to get this resolved, as it is a very important link in my strategy for the blog.

    Those files should be opened in the root directory of the WP domain right? In my case

    Am I correct?


    I did find an error in your path to /wp-contents/plugins/postie/get_email.php

    It should be /wp-content/plugins/postie/get_email.php

    However it still returned a 404.

    For domain just append the wp-xxxx to your wordpress link;

    My wordpress link is

    So I would do
    or if I had Postie installed( I don’t);

    But I think it is best for you and Wayne work this out.


    I successfully ran the get_mail.php file and Postie imported the email.

    Now what? What is the difference between running that manually every time I want to import the posts, and pressing the Run Postie button?

    Does this provide a clue as to why Postie isn’t running automatically?

    I would sure love to put this issue to bed so I can move on and get some work done!

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    I did find a bug in the cron set up. I’ll be releasing 1.4.7 shortly.

    First of all, I’m glad there is so much discussion going on here. Most plugin devs don’t give much thought about helping their users, Thanks Wayne

    Second, I want to second the fact that the automated process does not work for me either. I can send an email with attachement and wait and browse my site all day, nothing will happen, the post will not appear.

    If I then run it manually, sometimes I will get the post and sometimes it will tell me there are no emails. If I send one again and run the fetch manually right away then it sees the email.

    Another thing that happens. It will often for no reason tell me the email sending is not allowed to send posts when it is actually in the list of authorized emails.
    But that’s another story that Wayne knows about. 😉

    I hope this gets all figured out. 😉

    as @chezpaul said, Wayne is doing a heck of a job supporting this plugin
    and everyone using it should press the donate button.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    You are welcome, I appreciate the compliment.

    I fixed a bug in 1.4.7 (released today) I introduced with 1.4.5 that prevents the 10 min, 30 min and weekly schedules from running.

    Also in 1.4.6 I changed the XSS check to only be a warning since so many false positives were being detected.

    The authorized mail issue was fixed in 1.4.6.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen



    I’m glad you think so, thanks!

    Thanks to those who have already donated, it is appreciated.

    Create WordPress Posts by Email with Postie

    Wow.. great… Thanks Wayne…
    Hope you’re also looking into the custom html code thingy… ;-p
    Downloading now.

    I upgraded to 1.4.7.
    Sorry Wayne, but still no luck @ 30 minutes.

    I also set it to one hour since the implication in your earlier post was that there was nothing wrong with that setting. Still no emails imported. They are waiting in the email client. Again, I have no trouble importing when doing so manually.

    In each case I loaded several pages of the blog before checking.

    You have been very helpful and supportive. I appreciate it. What can we try next?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Please check the cron-view. You should see something like:

    Dec 7, 2012 @ 17:23 (1354901008) Every 10 minutes check_postie_hook

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