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  • I’ve got the same issue. Let me know if you find a solution.

    I haven’t found a solution so far. Postie is still not working in auto mode.

    Same here

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    I think I may have an answer for you. WordPress cron (which Postie relies on) doesn’t run unless a page is accessed on the site. So if you send an email, but nobody accesses the site for 3 days Postie won’t be given the chance to fetch the email and publish the post.

    To ensure that Postie runs smoothly on a low or no volume site you need to ensure that a page gets hit (any page is fine). Use something like cron + curl on Linux or install curl on Windows and use the Scheduled Tasks control panel.


    I have just installed Postie for the first time (v1.4.5) and it does not post automatically. I have to click the Run Postie button to import posts.

    I tested the above suggestion by flicking through a few pages on the blog before checking it, and it still didn’t work.

    Any other ideas?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    What is your “Check for mail every” set to? That amount of time needs to elapse before the WordPress cron will fire.

    I’ve tried them all. It is currently set for 10 minutes, but the only one that works is “check manually”.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just me posting, but other contributors cannot rum Postie manually without admin rights.

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    Not to sound too basic, but I just want to understand what is happening.

    When you do the following, Postie is not reading the email.

    1) you send an email to the postie address
    2) you access the site (refresh home page)
    3) you wait more than 10 minutes
    4) you access the site again (refresh home page)

    Yes to all.

    In fact, I currently have 5 emails that have been waiting for several hours to be uploaded by Postie. During that time I have been doing many other things in WP, and frequently checking the results on the published blog.


    I would try if you can;

    This would be like a host cron script running.

    If that didn’t do anything for your emails then I would try;


    This is fundamentally what the postie cron hook does.

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    I’d also use something like to see if something is clobbering the cron.

    Please elaborate. What do you want me to do with these files?

    Plugin Author Wayne Allen


    Cron-view is another plugin. Install it and look at the menu item it adds to see what cron jobs are scheduled. Tools -> What’s in Cron?

    Without waiting for your answer about what to do with these files, I opened the first page link at the domain for my blog. It returned a blank page. I navigated through a few pages, waited 1/2 hour, and checked.The emails were still not uploaded to WP.

    I then tried the second link. It returned a 404.

    I also installed cron-view and I see nothing in their related to Postie. I don’t know how to see if “something is clobbering the cron.”

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 56 total)
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