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    Right I understand that this probably falls outside the remit of the general implementation of the Posthaste form but if there is a solution it would be greatly appreciated.

    I currently have the Posthaste form on the home page of my website and working beautifully, the thing is I am using Buddypress to provide a front end to users of the site and would love to be able to transpose another instance of the Posthaste form to some of these user pages, allowing users to post from within their own areas.

    Is there anything that can be changed within the Posthaste code that could enable the form to be placed more universally throughout the site?

    Thanks, Rob

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  • this plugin will do the same thing without jumping through hoops

    Thanks, I know a lot of people recommend tdo, and I’ve used it a few times myself, I actually did install it once to try to solve this problem, but quickly remembered that I can’t abide it, I just posted on here in the hope that someone might have an idea that supports the use of Posthaste instead, thanks again

    I’ve not used Buddypress, but as I understand it, it’s just WordPress MU & the individual user pages are just individual user blogs, right? If that’s the case, can you just activate the plugin on the individual blogs instead of in mu-plugins or on the main blog only? Like I said, I pretty much just exhausted my idea of how Buddypress works, so that may be completely off-base.

    Thanks for your input smajda, I’ve actually spent some time working with TDO Mini Forms the last couple of days and must say that now I’ve found my way around I’ve been converted and it appears to be doing the job.

    In the case of applying standard WP plugins to Buddypress it’s not always that simple. Although users can be given the option to set up their own blogs via Buddypress and add plugins to these; Buddypress itself does not actually rely on setting up a new blog for each user, and the user pages run pretty much as an independent entity, obviously a lot will be shared for the two applications to co-exist although certain WP plugins are not easily applied in the BP areas of the site without finding a workaround.

    It’s my first time using Buddypress really so I’m not entirely sure of the intricacies of how it works myself, theres definitely potential in it, but I sense it has a little way to go before it really appeals to a wider audience.

    Glad TDO Mini Forms is working for you. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people for whom posthaste isn’t flexible enough, so it’s nice to hear that it’s good!

    I’ll have to play around with buddypress one of these days…

    P2 and Posthaste only seem to work on index pages of blogs. I try to use it with the group blog plugin in Buddypress on the group homepage:

    While the group blogs index is actually on:

    That messes up the referrer check, I think. Don’t know how to fix that in either P2 or Posthaste. Wasted two days on it.

    Any pointers very much appreciated!

    I’ll also try TDO Mini Forms…

    Hi modifiedcontent,

    You’ve probably got everything sorted by now, but I found TDO Mini Forms does the job once you find your way around it, P2 and Posthaste aren’t really designed to do it though.

    Not so familiar with the newer versions of Buddypress, but you should be able to get TDO to work with it I should imagine.

    posthaste plugin is great but it contains some bug…it shows up even as widget.

    dentopolis: Are you referring to the fact that it shows up on the Recent Posts widget? The reason for this is discussed in the FAQ.

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