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  • Because of the date functions? Postgres doesn’t have an equivilent?

    “Database independence isn’t a terribly high priority at the moment because there really isn’t that demand for it. (You’re the first to even mention it.)”
    While I realise I’m responding to a message posted 9 months or so ago, I wanted to point out something in regards to this comment.
    Speaking from personal experience, if I see a product that I’m interested in, and it states point blank that it only supports MySQL, I’m much more inclined to just close the site and go on to try and find something that is database independant/supports multiple databases. This might account for why not many people are requesting the feature as much, because they become disenfranchised at the mention of sole MySQL support and just leave.
    The odds are that there are probably quite a few people that would like to see this, and many other products, availible for more than just MySQL, and by ignoring them you’re probably ignoring a lot of potential users.

    I’ll follow the previous post to respond to the same comment: “Database independence isn’t a terribly high priority at the moment because there really isn’t that demand for it. (You’re the first to even mention it.)”
    I’m using WP with MySQL, which is all that my current public hosting solution supports at the moment. But I personally prefer PostgreSQL which I use quite a bit at work. If given the choice, I’d definitely choose PostgreSQL over other database choices. So, because it appears you are counting mentioned resquests. +1 for more db independence/choices. 🙂

    I skipped over WordPress when looking for a Postgres-compatible php system for my website, and am only now looking a bit closer as I’m unhappy with what I’ve got. There’s really very little that doesn’t use MySQL; I’m sure you could broaden WP’s user base by adding DB abstraction!

    I’m looking at WordPress because I think it fits my org’s needs prefectly, except that it needs to run on SQL Server.
    Maybe I can make it work.

    I would be also very happy if PostgreSQL was supported.
    My server admin doesn’t want to install MySQL, because he is already using Postgres to run other software in the server.

    I would really like to use WordPress, but I’m disinclined to support both MySQL and PostgreSQL on my database server. People interested in PostgreSQL support or database independence are definitely choosing other solutions right now. Having support for at least PostgreSQL would increase the reach of WordPress significantly.

    Just want to add my vote of support for PostgreSQL, as I already use Postgres and would not like to install MySQL. I would also back up my support with a donation if there were even just a commitment (and target date) to Postgres support by the developers, of $25. I’d really love to use WordPress, but can not until it supports Postgres 100%.

    $25 ? As much as that 😉

    I’m only a wee little person and, well, if the 30+ odd folks clamoring for PostgreSQL support on this list each offered the same, that’s a good $750 right there — not too bad I would say. I would also think there might be more than 30 people in the world interested in PostgreSQL support.

    Count me in as a wordpress adopter and donater of $25 if postgresql support and/or database abstraction is added.

    Here’s another vote for Postgres and db independence

    Just another vote for PostgreSQL. The server where I’m hosting my site runs on PostgreSQL. It would be fantastic to get WordPress up and running on it, if support is available.

    The votes mean a lot more if they’re from registered users.

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 84 total)
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