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  • I’m familiar with ADOdb and it is useful. Migrating from EzSQL to ADOdb would take a concerted effort from all developers. As it stands, the EZSQL interface is used which does provide adequate abstraction. However, writing portable SQL is not trivial as suggests. Again, this would require a great deal of effort. I think the only way it would get done is if the maintainer sees it as a priority.

    Well, since I am the other odd-ball wanting to get this running on a non-MySQL DB (SQL2K in my case), I’d be willing to spend some time working on developing a generic DB solution.
    Having a quick glance at the code, it does not seem that the SQL is all that complex and could indeed be abstracted to work with any number of DBs.



    *Frustrated* Now that Movabletype has gone Micro$oft I’m looking for a tool that can do the same or more… Word Press is the closest yet, but I need support for PostgreSQL. My serveradmin won’t install MySQL at all 🙁 I really hope that there will be PostgreSQL-support for WordPress SOON!
    Best regards
    Kristine S. Dufey


    Ditto. PostgreSQL is the best free database. WP should support it.


    In fact, I’ll go an extra step – I’ll donate $50 the day a WP release supports PostgreSQL as an equal alternative to MySQL.
    Anyone else reading this who wants PostgreSQL support should start posting pledges here. Money talks.


    I would also like to put in a request for PostgreSQL support. If WP is to be an attractive MovableType alternative — especially in light of MT’s new licensing scheme — it should try to mirror as many support features as possible, including choice of database backends.
    Hopefully WP will generate more developer interest so that this can happen.



    >>Money Talks…
    … in strange ways.
    (just kidding, but it is an Anonymous $50 pledge 😉 )
    I am sure that some wordpress user/developer will certainly take this up, and make it happen.
    Isn’t itch-scratch the best part of open source ? 🙂



    Yeah, I just made my server’s admin jump three different types of hoops to install MySQL, where there’s a perfectly good PostgreSQL already installed…


    Add another to the list of those interested in PostgreSQL. I avoid mysql as much as possible – to the extent that I often won’t use a product that exclusively uses it.



    Is there going to be PostgreSQL support in the near future?


    Is there a central place where the development of a general DB solution is happening? I want to lend a hand but don’t want to necessarily re-work the same portion of code that has already been generalized. I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.



    Unfortunately, there is no centralised place. It should probably be a CVS branch but you’ll need to pester a core developer for that. My various hacks at getting wordpress to use PostgreSQL have royally hosed the ability to use MySQL. If the developers would stick to reasonably standard SQL statements, the port would be trivial… I’ve more or less given up on getting the current version of wordpress working with PostgreSQL. I figure it would take about 1-2 weeks (f/t) to get the code working with PG again, and probably another to get it working with both. For me, my ancient, ‘alpha code’ works well enough.

    Bugzilla has been working on succh issue for 3 years now, You might want to peek at their code

    WordPress uses ezSQL which has a Postgres version. So drop that in instead of wp-db.php. Next it is a matter of determining which SQL gives Postgres problems, and how we could work around that. These problem areas could be listed on the wiki.

    I would estimate, we are talking of between 40-60% of the SQL queries being MySQL specific.

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