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  • Is this possible to have the poster’s name (can change anytime when someone posts) having a link to the email entered and not only when entering a URI?

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  • If it is to be linked to the email address, then I would guess that their address can be harvested by spammers. Not a good thing.

    adding a string (random or not) at the end of the email address would prevent spammers.

    If anyone does add this to their code, be sure to remove the
    “e-mail address never displayed”
    from your comments section.
    Okay, so it’s not on display to a person looking, but it’s right out on the front step for a page crawling spambot.

    “If anyone does add this to their code, be sure to remove the
    “e-mail address never displayed”
    from your comments section.”
    Yeah, be sure to change that. Hate me if you want 😀 but I did the same thing… I wanted people’s name’s to be linked to their email address. I of course removed the “email address never displayed” section 😉

    What you have to ask yourself before making this change is this:
    Who am I doing this for ?
    The answer is YOU.
    You obviously get some sort of benefit for this change.
    Your commenters get SPAM.
    Not the best way to thank them for visiting is it ?
    In fact, I think you should tell them that they must mung their address so that a spambot cannot get at it – that then means that neither can you unless you decode the munging, or even not know it at all if they use an email address such as So why bother doing what you have done ?
    I would suggest that if your email address, that which is entered into the WP admin side, was easily visible to a spambot, you would hassle for the devs for that information to be hidden.
    So why the diferent standard for people who not only visit your blog, but also then take the time to make a comment ???

    The point of blogging is to blog surely? That is not the same as sending each other emails unless you know each other and it is a private matter. That requires that the commentor has left an addy and that the blog proprietor initiates the exchange. What you propose is completely different. When I read a bloggers comment on your blog I do not want to send him or her an email – to a complete stranger. I do want to see their blog so I can if appropriate comment there.
    Maybe you do not need a blog at all? I certainly do not want there to be any chance of any of my email addresses falling into the hands of any third parties without my consent.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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