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  • I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 from 2.9.2 earlier today. Everything went extremely well with the upgrade and the new version is quite simply beautiful. I did run into a bug though on the post/edit post page.

    I can no longer move the panes around to arrange them and the panes do not collapse. Also on this page the screen options tab and the help tab does not open up. It almost appears as if the ajax features are not working at all.

    The weird thing is the ajax works on every other part of the site except in the Post/Edit Post pages.

    I checked out WordPress Trac but I am new to this whole process so I might just be searching the wrong parameters. Please help… anyone!


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  • Having the same problem. I updated all my sites and there are quite a few of them. All of the sites are fine except one which i used to try out the new default Twenty Ten theme. Like the 1st member the dropdown menues don’t work so you can’t post date and a number of other things like input tags. So there defo seems to be a bug or two with Twenty Ten.

    Just found the problem plugin…Its the HeadSpace2 seo that’s causing the issue, went through each plugin and it was the culprit. Swappimg over to All in one SEO as it seems to be okay.

    Thanks bizmix!

    I deactivated HeadSpace 2 and sure enough all the AJAX functionality was restored. That is the first time that I have had a plugin mess with the back-end interface. Usually it just screws up the theme. I will try and reach out the the developer of that plugin to make them aware of the issue.

    Thanks again!

    @designbuddha Your welcome 🙂 I have gave up on headspace2 because it hasn’t been updated since version 2.8, on the other hand the “all in one seo” is better supported and updated regularly.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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