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  • Hello,

    When I create a wordpress page (not post), it does not give me the option of how to categorize it, yet it will say “posted in [category]” at the bottom of all these pages i write.

    this is misleading for one thing, but also because the page itself is of course not included or really filed in the category.. only posts are.

    any ideas what would be causing this?

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  • you can edit your theme, and remove that bit. it shouldn’t be there. if you provide a link, and indicate which theme you’re using, i (we) can be more specific.

    thanks.. i wasn’t sure which theme file to edit for this, as far as one file that effects just pages.

    I’m using the ambiru theme (which i modified, but this was present before modification) and an example page on my site is:

    thanks for the help!


    I am guessing that the same php file, “page.php” is used to present any page whethere it is a page of posts or a wordpress page (does not contain blog entries).

    if so, how could you make just the wordpress pages not have “posted by” and “posted in” text, but keep it there for blog entries, if all pages use the same php structure?

    The standard way of separating single posts and static pages is by using single.php and page.php. If your theme doesnt have both you could try to use the one you have now as single.php and a version without the author/category info as page.php

    how will wordpress know to use single.php rather than the current page.php, if i create single.php?

    They are default template files, WordPress looks for single.php first when displaying a post. Some documentation here:

    worked like a charm, thank you!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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