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  • Resolved Luis Martins


    The label for the “Postcode / ZIP” shown on the billing details during checkout is missing from the current PT_pt translation, as you can see on the following screenshot:

    Left: New .po file generated from source
    Right: Current translation as loaded by the plugin update process.

    I’ve also looked in translate.wordpress and the string is there:

    Yet for some reason can’t get it to apply to my sites (tried 4 all with the same result).

    Is there any recommended way I can get around this?

    System Status

    ### WordPress Environment ###
    Home URL:
    Site URL:
    WC Version: 2.5.2
    Log Directory Writable: ✔  /srv/wordpress/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/sites/189/wc-logs/
    WP Version: 4.4.2
    WP Multisite: ✔
    WP Memory Limit: 256 MB
    WP Debug Mode: –
    Language: pt_PT
    ### Server Environment ###
    Server Info: Apache
    PHP Version: 5.6.17
    PHP Post Max Size: 3 MB
    PHP Time Limit: 120
    PHP Max Input Vars: 3000
    SUHOSIN Installed: –
    MySQL Version: 5.6.28
    Max Upload Size: 20 MB
    Default Timezone is UTC: ✔
    fsockopen/cURL: ✔
    SoapClient: ✔
    DOMDocument: ✔
    GZip: ✔
    Multibyte String: ✔
    Post Remoto: ✔
    Get Remoto: ✔
    ### Database ###
    WC Database Version: 2.5.2
    woocommerce_sessions: ✔
    woocommerce_api_keys: ✔
    woocommerce_attribute_taxonomies: ✔
    woocommerce_termmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_downloadable_product_permissions: ✔
    woocommerce_order_items: ✔
    woocommerce_order_itemmeta: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rates: ✔
    woocommerce_tax_rate_locations: ✔
    ### Active Plugins (28) ###
    Advanced Custom Fields Pro: por elliot condon –
    Business Profile: por Theme of the Crop – 1.0.8
    Caldera Forms: por David Cramer –
    Disable Comments: por Samir Shah – 1.4
    e-goi Mail List Builder: por Indot – 1.0.8
    Google Analytics Dashboard for WP: por Alin Marcu – 4.9.2
    Kirki Toolkit: por Aristeides Stathopoulos – 2.0.7
    MCE Table Buttons: por Jake Goldman
    Oomph – 3.2
    My eyes are up here: por Robert O'Rourke @ interconnect/it – 1.0.2
    Note - A live edit text widget: por Slocum Studio – 1.3.1
    Relevanssi: por Mikko Saari – 3.5.2
    Remove Inactive Widgets: por Benjamin Sterling – 0.2.2
    Shortcake (Shortcode UI): por Fusion Engineering e a comunidade – 0.6.2
    Social Icons (Webipack): por Webipack – 1.0.10
    Widget de Posts Webipack: por Webipack – 3.5.0
    Webipack Products Widget: por Webipack – 1.0.0
    Webipack Shortcodes: por Multiweb – 0.1.0
    Widget CSS Classes: por C.M. Kendrick – 1.3.0
    WooCommerce Auto Restore Stock: por Gerhard Potgieter – 1.0.1
    WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing: por Lucas Stark – 2.10.11
    WooCommerce My Account Widget: por Bart Pluijms – 0.5.0
    WooCommerce Payment Methods: por vendocrat – 1.1.2
    WooCommerce Product Archive Customiser: por jameskoster – 0.5.0
    WooCommerce: por WooThemes – 2.5.2
    Yoast SEO: por Team Yoast – 2.3.5
    Domain Mapping: por WPMU DEV –
    Multisite Plugin Manager: por Aaron Edwards – 3.1.4
    Importador do WordPress: por wordpressdotorg – 0.6.1
    User Switching: por John Blackbourn – 1.0.9
    W3 Total Cache: por Frederick Townes –
    MultiSite Clone Duplicator: por Julien OGER
    Pierre DARGHAM
    GLOBALIS media systems – 1.3.2
    Timber: por Jared Novack + Upstatement – 0.22.5
    Jigsaw: por Jared Novack + Upstatement – 0.6.2
    Duplicar artigo: por Enrico Battocchi – 2.6
    Jetpack por por Automattic – 3.9.1
    Intuitive Custom Post Order: por hijiri – 3.0.7
    Widget Search Filter: por Mickey Kay – 1.1.1
    iThemes Security: por iThemes – 5.2.0
    Webipack Featured Categories: por  – 0.1.0
    Multisite Theme Statistics: por Ron Rennick
    RavanH – 2.8.3
    WordPress Post Type Archive Links: por Stephen Harris – 1.3.1
    Better Internal Link Search: por Blazer Six – 1.2.10
    Advanced Custom Fields: Link: por Corey Worrell
    EMRL – 1.1.0
    Customizer UI Experiments: por The Customizer Team – 0.1
    RICG Responsive Images: por The RICG – 3.1.1
    Kirki Toolkit: por Aristeides Stathopoulos – 2.0.7
    ### Settings ###
    Force SSL: –
    Currency: EUR (€)
    Currency Position: right
    Thousand Separator: .
    Decimal Separator: ,
    Number of Decimals: 2
    ### API ###
    API Enabled: ✔
    API Version: 3.1.0
    ### WC Pages ###
    Loja base: #4 - /shop/
    Carrinho: #5 - /cart/
    Finalizar compras: #6 - /checkout/
    Minha conta: #7 - /my-account/
    ### Taxonomies ###
    Product Types: external (external)
    grouped (grouped)
    simple (simple)
    variable (variable)
    ### Theme ###
    Name: Gravity
    Version: – 0 está disponível
    Author URL:
    Child Theme: ✔
    Parent Theme Name: Baseline
    Parent Theme Version: – 0 está disponível
    Parent Theme Author URL:
    WooCommerce Support: ✔
    ### Templates ###
    Overrides: baseline/woocommerce/cart/cross-sells.php
    baseline/woocommerce/single-product/tabs/description.php versão - está desatualizada. A versão do core é 2.0.0
    : Saiba como atualizar modelos desatualizados

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    WP only downloads 100% complete translations. You may have both depending on where you’re storing them. WP puts them in wp-content/languages/woocomerce/

    Hi Mike, thank you so much for your answer.
    That’s where I pulled the file where the label is missing from. I was also looking for the option to force translation upgrade mentioned in but that options seems to be gone from the current version.

    I have posted it in other thread, but will post it here for other searchers.

    Is it a possible bug in >2.5?

    I did plenty of WooCommerce stores, however in every new instalation Postcode / ZIP just does not pick the translation.

    It is translated in .po and every other string is being picked up except from “Postcode / ZIP”.

    Happens with every new WC instalation.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    It cannot be a bug because the string is localised and has a valid text domain. The only explanation is that the po/mo file WordPress is loading is missing the string translation. Strings are case sensitive.

    Mike, that is my observation too. For some reason the po/mo files WordPress pulled is missing that string. Is there any way I can force the update?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    You can download the translation from and replace your current version, if its there and translated now.

    I know in previous versions, ZIP was Zip (different case).

    Ok, actually the stable doesn’t pull the translation for this string, maybe because it has the “fuzzy” status:

    Will override manually and look further to how I can contribute to complete these translations. Many thanks.


    A problem is here: includes/class-wc-countries.php


    'postcode' => array(
    				'label'       => __( 'Postcode / ZIP', 'woocommerce' ),
    				'required'    => true,
    				'class'       => array( 'form-row-last', 'address-field' ),
    				'clear'       => true,
    				'validate'    => array( 'postcode' )

    Must be:

    'postcode' => array(
    				'label'       => __( 'Postcode / Zip', 'woocommerce' ),
    				'required'    => true,
    				'class'       => array( 'form-row-last', 'address-field' ),
    				'clear'       => true,
    				'validate'    => array( 'postcode' )

    ZIP -> Zip

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