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  • I’ve studied plugins that have postbox-container-1 and postbox-container-2 in use. The best implementation of post boxes I have seen is in TablePress…

    None of TablePress views have three columns. I thought it would be as simple as copying the div for first and second columns but postbox-container-3 only creates an empty space that no boxes can be positioned within.

    The Screen Options displays the 3rd radio so that is being selected.

    What is the solution?

    Is there any plugins using three columns of post boxes like on the dashboard?

    Here is the HTML…

    <div id="poststuff">
                    <div id="post-body" class="metabox-holder columns-<?php echo ( isset( $GLOBALS['screen_layout_columns'] ) && ( 2 == $GLOBALS['screen_layout_columns'] ) ) ? '2' : '1'; ?>">
                        <div id="postbox-container-2" class="postbox-container">
                            $this->do_text_boxes( 'normal' );
                            $this->do_meta_boxes( 'normal' );
                            $this->do_text_boxes( 'additional' );
                            $this->do_meta_boxes( 'additional' );
                            // print all submit buttons
                            $this->do_text_boxes( 'submit' );
                        <div id="postbox-container-1" class="postbox-container">
                            // print all boxes in the sidebar
                            $this->do_text_boxes( 'side' );
                            $this->do_meta_boxes( 'side' );
                    <br class="clear" />
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