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  • Greetings again,

    now I failed on the attempt to upload post-thumbnails. (from a external source, while importing)

    First I tried it with HTTP-URLs, result the importer ignored them and wordpress did nothing. (importing content, but no images/thumbnails)

    Content of post_thumbnail:


    After that, I read some topics here and found out to try the local-path instead, with a little bit more success.

    Content of post_thumbnail:


    WordPress created under media Items for the images but forgot do download them then.

    I looked then why, it doesn’t downloaded them and saw the local-path URL was invalid:


    I looked into the database and for the ‘meta-key’ (_wp_attached_file) and found the value like it was was written in the CSV-File:


    It seems that WordPress simply added the local-path to the URL, instead do downloading or linking them.

    So my questions are:

    1. Is rsCSVi capable to download files from external resources to wordpress while importing?
    2. Or was it made only to link Images to external sources?

    If the fist point is true, what did I wrong?
    Or’ve we found a new bug/behavior?

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  • Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    1. true.
    2. false.

    Please tell me the versions of your WP and the plugin


    WordPress 4.1.1
    AMPPS 2.7
    OSX 10.9.8
    PHP 5.3.29
    mySQL 5.6.22


    Version: 1.1
    Source: WordPress Plugin Page (not Github)

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    OK, thanks. I’m not familiar with AMPPS, but version 1.1 should import remote/local file to post_thumbnail.

    Please give me the debug information.

    I did that, but I’m wondering. I don’t found anything about thumbnails or images (path) in the debug-output. I copied the output to HTML and pasted it on pastebin.

    What I should mention is that I changed the DELIMETER to “|” and deleted the quotes for the text-wrapping.

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    post_thumbnail seems ignored by the importer. can you share raw csv data for me?

    What do you mean with csv-raw-data? I wrote the head and one item line into the debug-information I pasted on pastebin.

    But now I don’t think there was something wrong with that. Because I changed the environment and also that the debug information don’t saying something about post_thumbnails or images.

    If I try a real import, it works ironically like a charm.

    The current Local-Server configuration for this weekend is a windows 8.1 machine with the WT-NMP Server-Bundle (Nginx, php-cgi, mysql) on it.

    I tried out to import the http-url variant and what…?
    All Images got imported without a problem. (okay… i had to increase the buffer a little bit)

    Now the question is… what is the difference, between these two setups. My problem is solved… but do you want a phpinfo or something other? The problem seems server-configuration-releated.

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    I can’t understand why. The weirdest thing is post_thumbnail is ignored in debug information. The debugging add-on is hooked before importing. If the problem is server side, like deference of file system of OS or firewall of your network, post_thumbnail should appear in debug information.


    Any sample on how to use path locally?
    it seems that importer cannot fetch my local image

    @kukocrunch07: Which OS? To fetch them locally, I don’t know. (you already saw/read my issue)

    My solution of this was to change the server-environment. After I realized that it works with nginx (os: win8.1) I decided to use a remote-server for this. Setuped as a test-server with nginx and I got the importer to import my files.

    @takuro Hishikawa: Yeah, I know. That was the strangest thing of all. I don’t got (also on the machines where it worked) information about post_thumbnail in the debug. But I think as you say, It can’t be your plugin or debug-extension. More I think it was a part of configuration of the operating system, server-environment or firewall.

    What exactly… I dunno. I wished I would have the time to investigate, but this happened on my workspace and I don’t think my boss would like it, when I investigating bugs there, which already got solved.

    Sorry I didn’t clarify that I use Windows 7 as my OS.

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa



    I don’t use windows, but this article may help you.

    I got the same problem (post_thumbnail seems to be ignored in the import process).

    I tryed to import only 1 row to be sure with no success.

    “cpt_ressource”,”publish”,”/wp-content/uploads/gravity_forms/6-23172d1ff8826c3d26f67ddd1f51bd1d/2015/05/Logo-modifie-1.png”,”Jeunes Adultes”,”JA”[……]

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    Thanks for your answer.
    I did as you asked with no luck. Then I tried to move the thumbnail column somewhere else and even installed your add-in for debug. With the same result : the thumbnail column seems to be ignored by the import script.

    Plugin Author Takuro Hishikawa


    How “ignored” ? Could you share your csv again?

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