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  • Plugin Author EkoJR


    I’m not sure what’s happening. I think it just grabs the first image it can find.

    Although, there’s probably going to be more params added to control which image is used.

    you can test it. publish a post whithout featured image and add an image inside the text. the advanced post list plugin dont show any thing.
    if it shows please notify me.
    could you tell me which params must be changed and where are them?

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    There are currently no additional params that can be utilized, but now that I think of it, there has been some recent modifications in development, but it doesn’t tackle this issue.

    Commit @7856f77

    Just the other day I added a parameter to the [post_thumb] shortcode to select sizes: thumbnail, medium, large and full. Since I’m already looking at that code I’ll look into the possibility of grabbing the first attached image in the post and adding a second shortcode paramter to turn this feature on and off. If it’s low-hanging fruit I’ll just go ahead and do it.
    As for your original problem of the [post_thumb] not working with featured image, are you sure the theme supports featured images and you have a featured image properly applied to the post? If that’s not the issue, can you give more specific repro steps?

    i changed the theme to 2012 theme
    my wordpress is in Farsi language.
    this is a sample post i created
    by this shortcode
    [post_list name="test"]
    and the test is:
    [post_thumb] <a href="[post_permalink]">[post_title] </a>

    yes the most of the posts have correct featured images

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    Use the HTML Img element to get the images to display.

    W3Schools – HTML Images

    You can also use inline styling to change the height and width.

    W3Schools – CSS How to -> Inline Styles

    i’ll test it

    hi the images show but the image file size still large when we resize them by css stylesheet commands.maybe 50 posts by 200kb file size ! 50*200kb=10mb that is not well.if the original size reduces ,it will be a nice property.
    kalinbooks told:

    Just the other day I added a parameter to the [post_thumb] shortcode to select sizes: thumbnail, medium, large and full.

    i want know that is this the thing i want and is it published to this version or later version and how can i use it?

    Plugin Author EkoJR


    It was just a method to troubleshoot it for now.

    If you really are that eager. There is a branch in GitHub called image_callback and staged. Should be able to download either of those two from there.

    thanks! resolved !

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