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  1. syncbox
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have a need to build a menu of page links horizontally along my footer element... no issues on design or using wp_list_pages() to do it, etc but I need to have the resulting link(s) not display if that page isn't published at the time, to not display.

    I know normally it wouldn't if I just used:

      <?php wp_list_pages('include=4&title_li='); ?><?php wp_list_pages('include=52&title_li='); ?><?php wp_list_pages('include=17&title_li='); ?>

    BUT, I need to have something look selected as well when appropriate -- even if on a child page of one of the links... I can hardcode this easily (real example below):

    <li <?php if (is_page(4)) {echo ' class="footselected"'; } else {} ?>><span>|</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="url">Contact Us</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li<?php if (is_page(52)) {echo ' class="footselected"'; } else {} ?>><span>|</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="url">Subscribe</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li<?php if (is_page(17)) {echo ' class="footselected"'; } else {} ?>><span>|</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="url">Resources</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;</li>

    The problem with trying to use wp_list_pages() to generate both the link and text of the link is that A) I cannot use my conditional class="footselected" code because there's no place INSIDE the wp_list_pages() function to pass that.... is there?

    So, I thought that maybe there was a way to use something equivalent to if post_status == 'publish' wrapped around each or the group?

    Any hints, folks?

    I know I can use it this way:

    // Set output to be empty
    $output = '';
    // Get pages
    $pages = get_pages("child_of=18&sort_column=post_title&title_li=");
    // Build output
    foreach ($pages as $page) {
    	$output .= ($page->post_status == 'publish') ? '<div class="clients">'.$page->post_excerpt.'</div>' : '';
    // Display output
    echo $output;

    to generate markup and metadata for a page or child page, but cannot figure how to apply that to the footer links where I only want a specific few pages -- not all that are published and I want to use wp_list_pages().

  2. syncbox
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Anyone? Surely this isn't too difficult for the gurus out there? I'm open to alternatives if my approach is just wack.

    Ideas? TIA!

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