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    Hi, for whatever reason, I am unable to put posts into the designated categories. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Hello, thank you for your reply. It looks identical to the screenshot above, from 1.) – 4.b.)


    Thanks for writing back.

    In my sample screenshot, you’ll notice that “4.a.)” and “4.b.)” both are “Category” menu items, and then below them there are some others that are “Page” menu items.

    What types are your menu items? Are all five of them “Category” menu items? or, are some of them other types of menu items, or?…

    If you could send a screenshot of that part of the dashboard, for the site in question, then that might help!

    Looking forward to learning this bit additional information.

    Yes, all five are sub-item under “Categories” in the Menu Structure in Appearance. I can’t paste a photo or upload in this box. If you gave instructions, I would be happy to.


    could you upload a screenshot to an image hosting service (e.g. and then post the link to it here?

    Sure. Here you go. Thanks.


    First, thank you for writing back with the screenshot.

    To recap, for DESIGN & DÉCOR, and TRAVEL, everything seems ok.

    For FASHION & BEAUTY, and LIFESTYLE & MUSINGS, the end goal we want to figure out how to change them in the url, to change “tag” to instead point to “category”

    In other words, I believe the fix here will be to, in the url, change “tag” to “category”.

    If you expand each one of these four menu items, and look at its settings, then what do you see? Perhaps, for those two that we want to fix, is something there that obviously refers to “tag”, that could be instead set to “category”?

    If not, then can you describe in more detail what you see when you expand the settings for each of the four menu items, and post back here (with (a) screenshot(s) if possible)?

    One more note is that I see for each of the five menu items, they are “Page” menu items. This being the case, it might be helpful to also inspect (look at) at the pages that each one refers to.

    Looking forward to learn how you go!

    I attached three photos for you to view. Under Appearance, I didn’t see Settings but under Pages, the Lifestyle and Fashion links appear to be identical in that they all say “categories” vs “tags.” This was the first place I attempted to correct the problem.

    I fixed it! Thank you for your help!


    Haha! That’s great to hear!

    Would you be able to write back a note of what caused it, and how you fixed it?

    Also, when you have a chance, would you kindly mark the thread as resolved?

    I noticed I had a few WordPress accounts but not sure why. I purchased the blog and never did anything with them other than write posts on one account, however, after investigating, I noticed that two of the Categories were marked as Tags. I deleted them and added them as Categories and everything is working fine.

    Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate you taking the time to work me through the issue!!



    And thanks for the follow up note — if someone else ever has a similar issue, then I’m sure it will help them being able to read that extra detail.

    Also Thanks for having marked it as ‘resolved’!

Viewing 11 replies - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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