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    I am new to wordpress and made a local install of it on my computer. I am trying to include an audio file in a post, but it does not show the player described on http://learn.wordpress.com/get-flashy/ section upload an audio file.

    I am wondering if it may be because I am using a local install anstead of the wordpress.com portal. In that, how can I get the player included in the post with a local install as would be the case for the wordpress.com? If not, any idea what may be wrong?

    I gave it a try changing the attachment display settings for teh audio file, but I don't achieve to get the result I want.

    Here is the code that is generated:


    link to media file: m4a Holy Moment Savior

    link to custom URL: m4a Holy Moment Savior

    link to attachement page: m4a Holy Moment Savior

    Link to none: m4a Holy Moment Savior


    SHort code tests:

    [audio http://localhost:8888/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/01-Holy-Moment-Savior.m4a ]

    PD: it's probably a very basic issue, sorry for that...:-/

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