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    We are having a major issue with what search engines are displaying.

    'Posts/portfolio' items are displaying properly, even our home page shows up (although pulling wrong meta information - another issue).

    The issue is our 'pages'.

    An example.

    This is one of our pages http://www.forteyoga.com/meditation - it works perfectly. All SEO is properly set up, our robots seem to be clean, etc.

    When you search for "forte yoga meditation" - it doesn't bring up this page in SERP - any search engine. It will just pull our home page, a couple related posts.

    When you search this "www.forteyoga.com/yoga-blog/" - this is the result

    A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt – learn more.

    But our robots are clean...


    I'd understand if it was ALL pages didn't show up, but it's selective...

    http://www.forteyoga.com/yoga-poses shows up fine when you search for "forte yoga poses"

    Thank you all for the attention.

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