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  1. camerondonlon
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi there,
    I am in need (deep desire) of a way to post via email with html. I have tried postie, posterous and the wordpress version. Everytime i try and post with postie it takes out the html and just puts links in place.

    Basically what i am trying to do is forward certain emails i get containing html. If there is a way i can just get the email -> forward to wordpress and it posts with all the html tags and page included. that would be awesome.

    As of now i receive email -> download html -> upload html -> add post that links to html.

    If i can do the first way it would take about a minute per email. As of now it takes around 10 minutes at least every email.

    If anyone could help that would be awesome and i would be very grateful.

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