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  • Post via email works fine in my WordPress setup, except when sending with Airmail. When sending an email with HF radio using Airmail, the subject/title shows, but not the body. I’ve read that this behavior happens when an email is sent in html rather than plain text, but I know Airmail is sending in plain text, so I’m stumped as to what might be happening.

    We’re using Airmail 3.3.081 and sending to WordPress v3.1. We
    experienced the same problem with WordPress 3.0.5.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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  • All fixed now. The upgrade to WordPress 3.1.1 has solved the problem.

    Actually, the problem still exists. The upgrade did not fix the problem. We’re unable to identify why it went through that one time and haven’t had success since. Nothing had changed on our end except that upgrade to 3.1.1 of WordPress, but like I say, we only had one successful post with the body making it through.

    It was suggested to me that maybe WinLink was stripping the body, but when it is CC’ed to me, I see the body there.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Hi Anita,

    I have the same problem presently. Anyway at the beginning it work fine, so that the error must be selfmade.
    It seemed that things changed after I corrected the blog messages sent via airmail during the trip as administrator at home. But I am not sure.
    So did you find the solution meanwhile?


    Hello Helge…

    We found no solution, unfortunately.




    I am having the same problem, the body is not showing up in the post.

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