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  • I have set up the writing setting to auto post when an email comes into a designated email address. I tested the newly created email address from the hosting account and it is working fine. The issue is that when i send an email to that address, it never auto posts to the blog.

    any steps to troubleshoot?

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  • What are your settings? (under settings > writing) Have you put in the email addres,s username and password? Are you sure the host uses 100 (the default) as the port for posting via email? Have you read the guide in the docs to see if there’s any suggestions there you haven’t tried yet?

    port/ 110 (yes 110 is default)

    password was checked and rechecked

    yes i read the guide BUT it is for setting up modifying email tasks NOT showing issues for when emails are not being posted to blog.

    should i look into to see what ftp file this email job is setup on my sever correctly?
    Is there any other throubleshooting hints?

    is is creating the post, but not publishing? (saving it as a draft or something?) or is it just no appearing at all, and getting lost in the void?

    Have you checked your hosts error logs?

    Here’s some stuff that may lead you to an answer…

    i actually got it to post now but it seems that I have to manually call the url to publish the email as a post. i have configured the footer to auto post but it seems that there is a 15 min lag between auto pulls?

    Problem now is that i need these posts to hit ASAP as i have a trading blog that is time critical. any way i can speed the post process up?

    Not through email. Email relies on the connections between servers and the lines between them. If you want something immediate, I’d just log into your WordPress site and post – it’ll be immediate then. When you go via the email route, you have to send it, server does it’s thing, sends it on – maybe passes through a couple of servers (that do the same thing) before it hits your host’s server, which does it’s thing before it’ll post Ass an example, I live on the east coast, but the server my host is on – this my email – is on the west coast. Anytime I email anything, it goes through my ISP here on the east coast, gets sent across the country with i don’t know how many hops, then has to get sent back across the country so I can see it via other connections.) *Anything* can mess with the connections between that. Bad weather, bad mole digging and chewing through a wire he shouldn’t, etc. If immediacy is *required*, just log in and post directly from the back end. I have my iPhone set up with my back end as a bookmark. Click, log in, post, done.

    That’s really weird that you have to call the file directly. I don’t think you’d *have* to do that. Have you contacted your host about it?

    Its not that big a deal…. i can manually post from here. thx

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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