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[Resolved] Post-upload refresh

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the great plugin–it is perfect for my website! I am running into a problem with post-upload behavior that may not be because of the plugin, but because of my website’s configuration–I’m hoping you can help me determine the cause. When a user has submitted all their files via the Multi-upload box, the page begins to refresh, but won’t actually display again unless a user hits Stop. I’m wondering if it’s something to do with my site’s configuration, or if it is something I can change in the plugin itself. The relevant page is here:


    If you could take a look at this sometime, I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thank you for the great plugin!


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  • Plugin Author hiphopsmurf


    Not sure what that could be… I just uploaded 7 images and was redirected back where I was told the files had been received. The only thing that looked out of place was the theme style looks to be making the thank you text small and illegible.

    I was actually in the process of making some changes to the font, so it probably looked strange for a second. It appears it just takes longer to redirect when the upload size is larger.

    Plugin Author hiphopsmurf


    Once the file is uploaded to the your host, It then gets uploaded to Dropbox so your right, the larger the file the longer the pause.

    That makes sense. I’ve been a little neurotic about this whole process as I’ve been having no end of trouble with some other plugins–glad I finally found something that works. Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author hiphopsmurf


    Glad I could help!

    One other question–with the multi-upload form, would it be possible to not start the upload until the user actually selects all of their files and clicks “Start Upload”? I’m trying to stupid-proof this as much as possible.

    Plugin Author hiphopsmurf


    Its buried in the code of the plugin. When I actually take that version out of beta it will include that option and more. If I remember this weekend I will find the file and line number if you would like to edit it directly until I can get around to buffing out bugs and releasing it.

    If you wouldn’t mind doing that, I would really appreciate it. Thank you for all your hard work!

    Plugin Author hiphopsmurf



    /simple-dropbox-upload-form/js/dragup/main.js.php @ line# 79


    autoUpload: true


    autoUpload: false

    Thank you so much! This is perfect.

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