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    I want to send post updates & digests to subscribers:

    1. A message whenever a new post is published.
    2. A daily digest of all posts published since the last digest was emailed.
    3. A weekly digest of all posts published since the last digest was emailed.
    4. No digest or message.

    I also want subscribers to be able to login and change their option.

    I looked at the MailOptin documentation and couldn’t figure out if it could do this.

    Can it be done using MailOptin Lite?



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    MailOptin can do all of that. But it will have to work in tandem with an email marketing provider like mailchimp. See https://mailoptin.io/subscribe-categories-new-wordpress-post-emails/

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    Thanks for the quick reply @collizo4sky!

    I saw that when reviewing the documentation. That means I cannot categorize posts using the usual post categories, but will need to use category names like “Daily”, “Weekly”, “As Posted” and “No Notification”.

    That doesn’t make any sense to me … or did I misunderstand something?

    Thanks again,


    Plugin Author Collins Agbonghama


    You can use any name you want or even leave your existing categories as is. Just ensure you map the categories to the Mailchimp group.

    Say you have categories A and B. In Mailchimp, create two segments that only contains subscribers that belong to say CategoryA and CategoryB groups.

    Then in your mailoptin form, set it up so users can select the group they want to belong to.

    Then you create two segments in mailchimp for subscribers belonging to CategoryA and CategoryB respectively

    Finally, create two email automation (can be as many as the number of categories you have) that only delivers the email to subscribers that belongs to segmentA and segmentB.

    Try and follow the tutorial, we explained it better in the post.

    In a nutshell, you do not have to change your categories name or make the categories conform to a certain style guide.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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