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  • I updated to 2.8 this morning, and since then i can’t update any post. This is f*cking annoying, for the reason of having wirtten a quite long text this morning, and now realising it’s all lost. (Apart from a really shitty day anyway.. nearly everthing went wrong and worse than thought to be possible, so please don’t comment on my way of expressing what i think right now)
    I deactivated all plugins and tested it again, but nothing changes. Before, i used the german WordPress Version which worked fine. Then i updated using the integrated updater, resulting in a mix of german/english language in the blog, but i can see no reason for this to cause the error.

    By now i’ll try to revert to the last backup i have (which i luckily have made just before upgrading). But i won’t upgrade to 2.8 again so far as long as this is not fixed for sure… and i just hope wordpress is not going to be one of the “has-to-released-no-matter-how-buggy” projects..

    Ah.. i nearly forget: Pressing “Update post” just says everthing has been saved and all is fine..

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    If you’re using Firefox and have Google Gears installed, deactivate/delete this add-on. It’s not compatible with Firefox 3 and can cause problems in WordPress.

    I’m having issues too when trying to edit posts (or drafts) after upgrading to 2.8 . Seems to be related to a javascript or ajax problem:

    for example, the “Visibility: Public Edit” Edit link won’t work.
    Neither is working the “Add image” button…

    I rolled back to 2.7.1 for the moment.

    Wow, that worked!



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    Try deactivating all plugins and check to see if this resolves the problem.

    it took me about 45 minutes to roll back to 2.7.1, and it dows work again by now. I use Opera, so there is no Google Gears running. Though it may be that adumont is right and there is a JS problem with TinyMce – but i’m sry, but i won’t uograde again just to check this.. maybe someone else can do, who still uses 2.8..

    And as i said, i already tried deactivating all plugins.. didn’t work. I’m just happy of me being such a backup freak 8)

    I can’t update posts, and the HTML tab in the editor isn’t responding.

    I can try & debug this issue if it’s still open, but not tonight.

    My problem was fixed by upgrading the Use Google Libraries plugin to version 1.0.6, released earlier this week.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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