Post Types vs Post Formats with remove_meta_box function (3 posts)

  1. mkjar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I was planning on setting up a custom post type for a 'project' posts - basically the project post will have lots of specific meta fields, like title, subtitle, materials needed , photo gallery, steps etc... so they would be super simple for a user to enter in the information - and then it would be easily displayed in the corresponding template.

    And since I didnt want all those custom fields showing up on my normal post editor I originally set them up using a custom post type called 'projects' BUT after reading a couple of post type vs - post format - I am wondering if I am approaching this wrong.Even though the layout would be more detailed I would still want these post types to show up in the feed.

    My question is this - if I want to have a really specific layout of the (backend) 'Write Post' editing page - can I do that by just selecting a post format from the post format list? Meaning can I customize the way the administration panels look in the write page using a selected taxonomy ?


  2. robflate
    Posted 4 years ago #

    mkjar, did you ever resolve this issue? It's something I still find confusing.

  3. mkjar
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I believe the only way to customize the post editor screen is to do a custom post type - meaning to have have custom meta boxes (that don't also appear on all your post editors) you need to do a custom post type.

    I think Post formats only format the output and the taxonomy could do the same depending on your taxonomy templates / use of conditionals in a template.

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