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Post type Switching

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  • ok i figured it out … the reason that the in the definition of the post type in the plugin
    this is set to false
    ‘public’ => false,

    I changed it in the post type definition to true
    ‘public’ => true,

    and it worked just fine

    I figured this out after reading this on a whim:

    my question tho … will changing public to true affect anything major

    Plugin Author kosinix


    Hello energy0m,

    With regards to your questions:
    Any idea why this error happens ? >>
    Its a design flaw on how post type switcher works. It should not change the post type of a custom post unless the user wants to. Also it should not affect custom post types that are set to public = false. Right now it changes the slideshow’s post type to “post” that is why you are redirected to the edit post screen after saving.

    will changing public to true affect anything major? >>
    By setting it to public = true it will appear in search results. Also “view” links will appear in cyclone’s admin. Though it fixes your problem, its not really a complete solution.

    You should report this to post type switcher support as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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