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  • I have to share the answer to a problem that I had for quite sometime and posted on more than a few times…
    My weblog is set at 1 posts paged. I was looking for a global post-to-post navigation that is chronological. That would entail there only be a “previous” link on the index.php page. If you have been looking for this also, here is the solution:

    src="" alt="Read Previous Entry" align="middle" /> Previous Entry', 'no', 'no', 1, '');
    if (!((basename (__FILE__) == 'index.php') && ($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] ==
    ''))) {
    &nbsp; ">Latest Entry &nbsp;
    next_post('%','Next Entry<img
    src="" alt="Read Next Entry"
    align="middle" />', 'no', 'no', 1, '');

    Remove the “amp;” syntax, as it was erroneously added by miniBB (or by my stupidity, because I don’t know how to format code in these forums to get it to show correctly).
    Thank goodness for the experts that frequent these forums!

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  • where do i put this? i really need your help thanks

    i am getting this error: Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘(‘ in /home/soinlov/public_html/roxanneguinoo2/WP/test.php on line 99

    tip: you can use $pagenow inside of basename (__FILE__)

    You mean it doesn’t work in 1.3? Bummer. I’m using 1.2 . Hopefully, someone that is using 1.3 can solve this issue before I upgrade.

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